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Silt curtains, also known as silt barriers or silt screens allow work such as dredging, piling or construction to occur in sensitive aquatic locations keeping the water free from possible pollutants, excess silt or mud.

Olympic can design and build silt curtains to suit our customers requirements. Our in-house team have 18 years of experience in designing silt curtains and fish barriers.

Silt Curtain Projects

We worked with the Broads Authority on the highly important project to install the Barton Broad Clearwater 2000 fish barriers in Norfolk. Before the Clear Water 2000 project, the broad appeared murky and lifeless, with a thick layer of mud on the bottom, which restricted boating to a central navigation channel. The Broad was dredged clearing out at least 50 tonnes of phosphorus from the broad. After dredging there was 60% less phosphorus release from the sediment; barriers were installed to separate different sections of the broad from each other, keeping silt out and fish in. Many of the methods used in this project are also suitable for other shallow lakes with similar problems.

Silt Curtain Hire

We are leaders in this area as many of our competitors do not understand the concepts, details and deployment requirements required to install effective silt curtains. Olympic can supply and install or hire silt curtains anywhere in the UK within 24 hours. We have worked extensively with the Environment Agency and private contractors alike.

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Silt curtains in action

Silt curtains in action

Silt curtain joint detail

Folding for storage