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Olympic provides river restoration to prevent erosion of river banks using techniques from timber/steel sheet piling, bio-engineering methods using hazel faggots or brushwood to gabion baskets, silt bags or floating reed islands which create natural habitats and allow the binding of suspended solids to create a natural revetment.

River Restoration Projects

These methods were used on the Itchen Navigation for the National Lottery Fund and many of the royal parks and other river trusts across the country.

River Dredging

River dredging has two purposes either to maintain channel depth or for flood mitigation. At Olympic we have our own river dredging equipment which can be deployed from floating barges or pontoons and the spoil or silt removed and stored on or off site. We can use long reach excavators or mud pumping systems to remove the silt, these can also be hired.

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River bank restoratoin using bio engineering

Established revetment

Tow path repairs

Kissing gate

River flow improvement

River flow improvement

Silt lagoon Eden Project

Clearance of stream

Clearance of stream